FitFlop shoes have become the buzz in the community of fitness in the recent few
years. Highlighted in many magazines for women, and referred to on many news
programs, they have turned out to be the rage in United Kingdom as well as throughout
the globe. When we discuss comfortable footwear for the entire family, FitFlop
undoubtedly wins the accolade.
When you are buying Fitflops, there are several important aspects to be taken into
consideration. The most vital amongst these is of course the level of comfort that you
feel when wearing them. Try wearing it and walking around a bit as this can help you
decide if you feel really comfortable. Secondly, opt for a material that is flexible and
sturdy, while the weight of the footwear is also light so that you wouldn’t feel the weight
under your feet. Next, make sure that you like the design because it’s after all you who
would be wearing it. Finally, if you are looking out for a good deal, clearance sales are
great to check out since you can get the model you want for a much cheaper price.
Here’s a listing of the top selling Fitflops in the UK market.
FitFlop FF Supertone Leather Pewter
FF Supertone turns out to be a trendy sneaker while it is also a shoe cum trainer. It is
an ageless, classic, cool, go-everywhere style. It is desgined based on the brand’s
Microwobbleboard technology. Price: £34.95
FitFlop Sandals Pietra Black
FitFlop Pietra is offered in many colours and is designed with a sleek microfiber with
trendy resin stones. This sandal suits well for those with a slimmer feet rather than wide
sized feet. For those with wide feet, FitFlop Rokkit,  FitFlop Hooper and FitFlop Electra
prove to ba great choices. Price of FitFlop Pietra: £34.95
FitFlop Men’s Clog Tan
This exclusive footwear for men is the solution to the tight-laced work shoes. The
integrated Microwobbleboard technology assists to ease lower back stress and
considerably decrease shock while walking. The midsole help to diffuse the hot spots of
high pressure under the foot and almost immediately relieve feet pain. Price: £34.95
FitFlop Men’s Freeway Sergeant
FitFlop Men’s Freeway Sergeant also employs the same popular Microwobbleboard
technology. Its easy ingress slide features a super-supple mixed leather in addition to
triple-density EVA midsole, soft fabric upper and non-skid rubber outsole to provide

maximum comfort. The upper part is made of an oily rug material, which is sensitive to
marking naturally. Price: £29.95
FitFlop Sandals Frou Black
For those women who are in for the real feminine kind of frilly sandals, Frou Black from
FitFlop is the best choice, especially for the range of colours that it is offered in. This
model was the best selling sandals from FitFlop in the year 2011 and even now it’s in
trend with more fabulous colour choices. The colours in which these sandals are offered
are absolutely bright and fun with buttery soft suede ruffles. This beauty should be a
must-have in every woman’s foot collection. Price: £44.95
With such a wide range of top-sellers in its line, FitFlop flatters the taste of every
individual by offering one or the other for their needs. The range of FitFlop at
Shoetique is one place, which the brand enthusiasts should not miss out to check.